Changing the way you see your future


This blog offers discussion and tips for life’s challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

The topics are simple. 1.) Removing Obstacles, and 2.) Creating Life. The first success empowers the second.

Posts help relieve chaos, poor health, confused emotions, and limited thinking. Hopefully we will energize each other toward love and good deeds.

We can be all we were originally intended to be. We grow when new knowledge, understanding, and experiences are shared.

You may present problems, ask questions, and give insight to others with kindness (a top value). Together we can do more good. Join us.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. –Aristotle

  • A New Vision for Church: Humble
    From shootings to COVID-19, our thinking about large gatherings is recalibrating. Do we really want to attend a church with thousands of strangers (especially with kids)? How long before the government limits large gatherings? Watching at home is the new reality. Is giving actually needed for production, or should I give it to my community of neighbors without jobs? What qualities in a church are important for my growth as a Christian, even from home?
  • 30 Places of Healing for Trauma
    My search to resolve the silent chaos of abuse led to little healing and mostly re-injury by telling my story to people who were clueless about pain. Eventually I found help in unexpected places that changed my perspective on the abuse. They’ve helped me heal and create life again.
  • Trauma of Abuse: The Silent Chaos
    One of the most debilitating obstacles in life is the trauma we carry in our bodies. It can haunt us for decades and take root for illness. All people suffer. Some work to resolve it, some carry it forward. It’s worth the hard work to understand it, limit it, heal it, and use it to bring good to our world. Trauma…
  • Beating Viruses: My Favorite Easy Win
    Having a plan to navigate upcoming viruses could calm us. Try to prevent them with well known, tried and true immune alerting remedies. Also, building our immunity from the inside out will help. Here are ideas and products to consider.
  • An Alternative to Seat Punching
    Do I want to start a fight on a plane? Did I pay good money for my seat? Do I want years of negotiating a court battle? Who do you think you are? Do I want to be out of control with my mug shot in the media? What could I do instead?
  • All Foods Fit 2 Categories?
    Do you feel sluggish and tired after eating? Is there a pattern to the downer? Do you notice a personality change after eating some food? How can all foods fit 2 categories? Look here to find out more.

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