All Foods Fit 2 Categories?

One big obstacle to creating a personal best life is health. Food is a major part of that win.

No matter what we know, believe, or feel about any food, there are really only 2 kinds of food: those that make us feel good and those that make us feel down-under.

Happy Foods nourish us. They are alive (have internal energy) and will rot with time. Our alive-ness is fed by theirs. Within an hour after you eat, you are strong, alert, perky, ready to work and tackle the job at hand with success! And it’s all accomplished with good humor and kindness. Our energy level and our health is affected by the gas called food put in the tank of energy.

For most people, Happy foods are pure plant and animal foods: low on processing, chemicals, and laboratory additives. The more true to food’s original form, the better the nutrient value. The more we eat from our refrigerators and not our cupboards, the better our outlook. Eating homemade versus restaurants gives us confidence to know the quality of our choices. Respectable quantities and calories help keep digestion happy, too.

Sad foods are processed foods. The more manufacturing steps used in making food, the more nutrients are lost, resulting in less energy for our day. The body must work hard to find desperately needed nutrients from non-digestible foods that we just put in our bodies to help us function for the next 3-4 hours. Processed foods are not nourishment. They are sad choices bringing down days.

Sad Foods are not fun. As mostly-dead foods, they only serve us when traveling or starving. Sad foods harm us, resulting in illness. Back to back over time, they make us fall short of a personal best life.

These dead foods make us feel sad, lazy, and often angry, even for days after (food hangover). This varies by person, season of life, and quantity. It’s hard to start a full day of work when you’re already depleted from breakfast. That scenario requires stimulants and begins a vicious downward cycle. Avoid sad foods for alert days.

Sad foods are nearly impossible for the body to digest and distribute. Gluten, sugar, food substitutes, chemical additives, and some processed dairy foods can silently harm digestion. Eat with caution. Organic might make them better, but read labels to compare and find what’s best.

The stomach and intestines (the second brain) are fragile and need to be protected at any age. Taxing the stomach with non-digestible food does not create health, but burdens the body. The GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) effect is at work here. Input effects output.

Sad foods are a huge category in the grocery store. Most everything not on the perimeter of the store (produce, refrigerated, frozen) might be questionable. Some oils might work for you, herbs and spices (except those burning mucus membranes), even processed meats might be ok in small quantities. But, the aisles with dead prefab crackers, cereals, cookies, chips, desserts; boxed, frozen, and canned meals, and on and on, don’t serve anyone well. We will be crabby and tired, eventually. Fresh is best.

If depression or chronic illness challenges you, act now. Skip the sad food and see what changes. Ask yourself, “Will I feel happy or sad after this goes in? Will this energize me or pull me down?”

Do you want to be more happy and energized? Try happy food choices. This one discovery could create a new life.

How can we know for sure? Test your suspicions.

Eat a meal and observe how you feel. What was the culprit? Pizza, french fries, or dessert?

Eat one food (bread, chicken nuggets, or ice-cream) and see what happens. Happy or sad? Mark it, remember it. Try a new improved version like organic or a new brand. Still a downer? Skip it next time and observe again. The change you see over a week can be very exciting. Three months will bring new vision for you. Several years may allow you to eat it once in a while with few bad effects.

If health or happiness is an obstacle, good food can help. Don’t worry…. doo, doo, doo, … Eat Happy!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 

― Hippocrates

Published by R.B. Estry

Rosemary is a professional down-sizer, caregiver, teacher, and health nut. She helps overcome the traps of daily living in order to embrace the freedom of creating life for today. She dances for inspiration, adores God, and longs for all people to find their flair and become all they were originally intended to be.

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