Beating Viruses: My Favorite Easy Win

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.       


Raising children introduced me to terrible viruses. It took years to find answers. Today I’m wiser and more experienced. This is what I do now.

I get a jump on preventing viruses by taking a homeopathic that’s been sold for two decades in health food stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and even department stores across the country. It’s Oscillococcinum and is as broad in effectiveness as in name. I first learned of it in Homeopathic Medicine at Home, where it’s recommended for viruses and replaces other less effective measures. There is a reason it sells well enough to warrant all the shelf space for all these years.

When I anticipate sickness, I take a small dose immediately (a capful for 130# me) . This was very effective with my children when they were throwing up and I was hosing everything down. A dose to each of us ended the flu crisis with the one person who started it.

The anticipation of being exposed has also worked well for traveling. I take a dose when I walk in the airport, both ways, for a worry-less trip.

For that unknown exposure, the second I notice any usual symptoms I take a capful of Oscillococcinum, then, one to everyone around me. If a symptom returns, repeat usually up to 3 times, then done. What an obstacle remover!

Be aware: never wait a day or you will still get sick and only shorten the sickness or take the edge off. This stuff works best with the onset. If you’re in the thick of sickness, you’re probably too late. Try a dose, but move on to other things.

Work on Viruses from Your Insides Out

Don’t believe everything you read about how we build the immune system by getting sick. Viruses can do lasting harm. Try to limit them.

One help for preventing viruses is a new discovery for me: l-lysine. My brother’s house was getting reconstruction. The contractor showed up sick, excused himself saying he needed to run home to take his lysine, and then came back and worked a full 8 hours more of hard labor. We were convinced. My family has been taking l-lysine this winter with no illnesses throughout this heavy flu season. Yahoo! More life. Less bummer.

In the thick of a sickness, one specialist directed me to the need for calcium capsules to fight illnesses. She told how it helps the body’s systems to communicate that the illness is present, instructs the body how to respond, and enables all the systems to work together and follow through. I have found it very helpful over the years to keep that circuitry open and well functioning during illness.

If the virus is affecting your lungs, any essential oil is amazing for deep breathing. I snort (plug one nostril and breath it in deeply) my essential oils and rarely dilute and apply them. It’s amazing how low into the lungs these oils can take my breath. My favorite snorter is lemon, for now. If your nostrils burn, you’re too close to the bottle. Go gently with your body. Research your essential oils for best results. They really help with breathing.

Elderberry is a popular antiviral. I do love the Old Indian brand for adults. Herbs for Kids brand is great for children. Elderberry is very soothing, but research it yourself for best understanding.

I do regularly use wild cherry bark (WBC), especially the Old Indian brand, for overcoming the hazards of city living on lungs. The bottle is luscious to hold. Wild cherry bark worked wonders on my son’s asthma (caused by mold). It was remarkable how it stopped attacks for him as a child. At that time, Herbs For Kids was the best brand for him. WCB works for all things lungs, as well as other things. Research it for more info.

Aloe Vera is great to drink if you think you could hurl. I like to add papaya juice to boost its benefits and make it mild. It is a blood purifier, antiseptic, and has great healing properties. Burns repair fast with pure aloe. It’s astounding! I only buy Lily of the Desert organic gel, even for drinking. Follow label instructions and do your research.

Another drink that normalizes the body’s PH and ultimately fights illness is kombucha. Our Ph is a big factor affecting what illnesses we catch out there. Only use homemade or those without the word probiotic (which means dairy was added). China has brewed kombucha for centuries and never added dairy. Go with the centuries old, tried and true (proven) brew. Make it at home or buy one that is.

Ah, Vitamin C (my good friend). This vitamin, as I learned in health class, is for build and repair. It really works. Don’t expect an orange slice to do the trick. How many oranges do you eat? It takes 2 to meet the minimum requirements each day. We can go weeks without oranges. Virus is crisis, and more is needed. Take a buffered capsule or liquid when sick, knowing you are meeting your body’s needs so it can repair well. Follow label instructions and research Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner for his work with Vitamin C).

Try adding an echinacea tincture or extract to the regimen, but always after taking your Vit. C. Echinacea boosts the immune system, vitamin C gives your body the strength to work. A dynamic duo. Do not take echinacea endlessly as the immune system needs a rest. Follow label instructions.

All these items can be found at natural foods stores or grocers with staff to answer questions. Avoid department stores that have brands that are mass marketed and have proven to not contain what is marked on the bottle. I like Fresh Thyme in my neighborhood, but my small health food store owner has advanced experience. They carry reliable, honest brands. We have lots of resources available to us every day so… you guessed it, do your research.

Good, happy food and movement that builds health into you is a good general strategy to fight virus onsets. Harmful choices (smoking, alcohol, sugar, gluten, caffeine, drugs and sad food) kill crucial nutrients and add stress to your already stressed body. The weakness makes you more susceptible. Work with your body, not against it. Nourish it (even in capsule form) and keep it strong for good work against viruses.

Pay attention to digestion when sick. My favorite foods to combat sickness are watery, light, and easy to digest. Baby greens, papaya (train yourself to like it as medicine) and fruits, cooked veggies, any winter squash, broth, and diluted juices. Pick what sounds good.

Save heavy meats for wellness, but fish and poultry might be ok. Don’t consume dairy products when ill as they are mucus forming. Let your stomach rest during viruses.

To help stubborn viruses, sometimes digestive aides help the stomach eat the impurities. Try papaya tablets or digestive enzymes formulated for proteins.

Finally, for a broader approach, ozone machines are good for airborne viruses. We turn ours on before leaving for work and come home to a fresh house. Afterwards, crack open the windows to air it out, clean the counters, and vacuum. All is well. Ozone machines are for empty houses only, so read instructions carefully.

Prayer is a very natural occurrence with sickness.We tend to unconsciously pray when we feel beat. Use the quiet to soak God into your pain. Speak to Him with core honesty about how you feel, your life, and what to do differently for health. Free yourself from carrying burdens. His love never fails (1 Corinthians 13). Health is most likely near. He will speak to you, so listen gently.

When your virus is gone, help someone else get through theirs. You’ve licked it and can help without fear.

Establish a plan to navigate viruses. The key is to nip them in the bud before they start. These ideas and those you discover for yourself will help. Ask others for their successes (side-effect free). Tell us your healthy findings.

Live long and prosper.

Published by R.B. Estry

Rosemary is a professional down-sizer, caregiver, teacher, and health nut. She helps overcome the traps of daily living in order to embrace the freedom of creating life for today. She dances for inspiration, adores God, and longs for all people to find their flair and become all they were originally intended to be.

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