Creating Life

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That Word for Wonder: Create

We are made like our Maker. God creates — we create. There is great freedom and fulfillment in making something. God designed us uniquely for a purpose and our hearts thrive in that creative purpose. Some people live it, some don’t.

Anything we create is “original art.” It never existed before in this form. From systems to spoken words, we make new things. That’s what living is all about … a unique life that impacts the world in wonderful ways!

Some people can create in the midst of obstacles, like the snow above, and use it for good, to create beauty.

Others need peace and open pathways for creativity to surface. Either way, fewer obstacles makes creating easier. A carefree mind and heart can ignite passions for new visions and ideas.

The challenge for some is even finding our creativity. This week, think about what fills your tank and if you’d like to do more of that kind of living. What holds you back? Can you overcome that block? How?

Let me know what it is and perhaps we can find solutions together.

 Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.

A.W. Tozer
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